Monday, March 12, 2012

"They Still Call Me Sister" by Deborah Pulmmer Bussey

Kathy Carpenter is a young African-American girl who feels called to be a nun. Life seems to be laid out before her and moving smoothly, until one day, after being a nun for several years, Kathy asks to be released from her vows. She then becomes a top notch psychologist in the Cleveland area, hoping to help more people than she could ever reach before. But then, the unexpected happens, and one of her patients dies. This totally upends her world and she wants to know why. Why couldn't she help? Unable to find peace about Chanelle's death, Kathy decides to do some searching of her own and travels to Atlanta. There she visits the nightclubs hoping for answers. Will Kathy discover more than she can handle? Was Chanelle's death a simple suicide or was it murder? 

This book is a wonderful mystery/thriller with lots to think about. At first it may seem to be a story about being the first African-American girl in her parish to become a nun, but continue to read and you find so much more to Kathy's character. Wanting to help people leads her to the mystery of Chanelle's death, something that will keep readers paying attention. If you enjoy mystery/thrillers with some real life personality, you will enjoy this book.

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