Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"A Calm Whisper" a publication by "The Youth World"

Short stories, artwork, and poetry combine to make this book come alive. Each piece is meant to convey something to the reader, whether it is a piece of artwork producing memories, or a poem making one think of things family, friendship, or even 9/11. Some of the poetry is hard to read (like "Broken and Bloody" with the theme of suicide), but will make you think. The artwork is created in different mediums, giving each one its own uniqueness. The artists who contributed to this book are young and fresh, willing to share their talents with the reader. This is a book that will leave you thinking.

I found myself thinking about each part of this book. Maybe that is what title is meant to convey, just a whisper to pay attention to something. My favorite artwork is by Arto Heino and is titled "Majestic Water Colors." My favorite poem is "One Dark September Morning" by Brittany Tenpenny. Why not pick up the book and pick your own favorites?

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