Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Everything You Need to Know About Everything You Need to Know About the Universe" by Chris Cooper

Our universe is a vast area filled with interesting objects. There are planets, stars, galaxies, meteors, moons, and so much more, and we can't possibly understand it all. But, maybe we can get a glimpse into this wonderful territory, maybe get a hint of what lies beyond our own "space" by delving into books such as this. Through the pages of this book, you can learn basic facts and figures about planets, etc., but you can also imagine what it would be like to visit the far off stretches of the universe. Through the graphs, diagrams, and pictures, you can "see" what is beyond the scope of our sight, and begin to understand the vastness of this thing we call space. It is anything but empty, so come along and take a journey into the knowledge about the universe.

This is a fun book filled with interesting facts and figures. Whatever your belief on the creation of the universe, there is information in this book to stimulate your imagination. This book will make a wonderful addition to home libraries and is great for gift giving. I received my free review copy from Net Galley and the publisher, and thank them very much.

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