Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Asylum: The Circeae Tales" by Ashley H. Bazer

What do Chase, Trista, The Progressive Legacy, ghosts, Krissa, and the Legacy's Experimental Medicine Agency have to do with each other? In her new book, "Asylum," Ashley H. Bazer tells us.

Chase is a Ghost captain and as such finds himself in a dire situation. His wife, Trista, has been taken away and he is told she is dead. In reality, however, she has been sent to the Straightjacket, a ship that specializes in reprogramming those who stray from the correct path. Now Chase is sentenced to the same fate. There was no trial, just a sentence. How can this be? How can his freedom be taken away so easily? Will he find the truth about his wife and will there be a good outcome? Come join Chase, Trista, and the others on a space voyage you won't forget.

This is a very interesting novel with a sci-fi theme. Ms. Bazer weaves a tale that while it seems whimsical, is believable. I enjoyed the characters and plot, and had a hard time putting it down. Kudos to the author!I received my free review copy from the Book Sneeze program in exchange for an honest review.

"Starflower" by Elisabeth Stengl

A dragon-witch, a damsel in distress, rivalry for a maiden's love, enchanted sleep, and a young maiden who could be the answer to a problem - all parts of this wonderful story by Elisabeth Stengl. Open this book, and find the fun of fantasy and the ultimate battle of good and evil.

Eanrin lives the life of a loved poet, and is a man vying for the hand of the lovely Lady Gleamdren. But, tragedy strikes before she chooses her love and she is taken away by the evil dragon-witch who is out for revenge. What would a hero do in this case? Exactly what Eanrin does - begin a search and rescue. This could be the way to win her heart, but more than that, Lady Gleamdren needs rescuing. As he journeys, Eanrin finds Starflower in the Wood Between. Unable to leave her behind, Eanrin takes her with him and finds some surprising results to that decision. What is Starflower's purpose? Can she help free Lady Gleamdren? What will happen between Eanrin and Lady Gleamdren? 

Good fantasy writing totally draws me in and holds me throughout the story. That is what "Starflower" did for me. I really enjoyed the characters, the story line, and the settings. Ms. Stengl is a masterful writer and I can't wait to read more of her work. I highly recommend this book to readers who love fantasy. It will not disappoint you. I received my free review copy from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, December 28, 2012

"Deadline" by Randy Alcorn

It was a horrible, tragic accident and yet Jake can't let it go. How did he survive? The mysterious circumstances encourage him to look further, so he works with Ollie Chandler to find the truth. Will Jake survive long enough?

When an accident leaves you but takes others, it can leave you depressed and feeling broken.That happened to Jake one night, but there are some odd things, some things that don't seem to fit. Was it really simply an accident, or was there more to it? Unable to answer the questions alone, Jake Woods gets help from Ollie Chandler. After all, Jake is a journalist and Ollie is the detective. Together they set out to find the answers Jake so desperately searches for. Is someone hunting Jake now? Is his life on the line? This mystery is filled with twists and turns sure to keep readers turning the pages all the way to the end!

Wow! I love a book that involves me in the story, that encourages me to solve the mystery. This one did that. I was completely drawn in and couldn't wait to find the answers to my questions. I recommend this book to lovers of mystery and suspense. It will not disappoint you. If you have any difficulty getting into the story, give it a few pages. It is totally worth it! I received my free review copy from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

"Betrayal" by Robin Lee Hatcher

Hugh Brennan and Julia Grace have something in common. Both have known betrayal and are very well aware of the costs it inflicted. Now, unable to truly trust another person, each is drawn to the other. Is there a higher purpose here?

Julia loves her ranch in Wyoming, but her heart is filled with sorrow because her husband is dead and his half brother is trying to take the ranch away from her. How could he betray her this way? Didn't he know it was hers? She would have to fight, but doing that alone was difficult at the beginning of the twentieth century. Along comes Hugh, a man looking for work. As they work together on the ranch, they are drawn to each other. But, can they trust enough to believe in each other? Will Hugh be able to help Julia keep the ranch? This wonderful love story will delight and engage readers from start to finish.

This is a fun read, a light romance with a wonderful story line. Ms. Hatcher knows how to develop her characters and set her scenes and plot in ways that draw readers into the story. I recommend it to any reader who loves a good love story or is just looking for a "feel good" book. This is sure to fit both bills. I received my free review copy from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Finding God in the Hobbit" by Jim Ware

"A tender heart is a marvelously impractical thing." pg. 55

Have you read and enjoyed "The Hobbit"? Did you wonder at the spiritual themes presented? In this book, Jim Ware explores the spiritual side to "The Hobbit" and how it can apply to your life.

"The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkein is the beloved tale of Bilbo Baggins and his steps of faith in his adventure. Tolkein was a Christian who could spin a wonderful tale and interweave spiritual principles. As Jim Ware writes the chapters in this book, the reader can quickly see that Mr. Ware not only knows Tolkein, but he knows how to pull out the spiritual lessons in the writings. Chapter titles include: "Doom of the Dunderheads," "Cream and Honey," and "Reluctant Leader;" and each begins with a short passage from Tolkein's work and ends with a reflection.  This hardcover reprinting (just in time for the movie!) will make a wonderful gift for just about anyone.

I am a Tolkein lover and enjoy picking up books that delve into his work. I found this book to be insightful and one that made me want to pick up "The Hobbit" again so I can see exactly the way things dovetail throughout the book. Not only will this make a wonderful gift, but book discussion groups may enjoy discussing the thoughts inside over time. I received my review copy from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Isle of Shadows" by Tracy Higley

The year is 227 B.C. and the place if the Island of Rhodes. Tessa of Delos is a courtesan to her Greek owner, feeling that she will never be free or able to find true love. Unexpectedly, an opportunity at freedom comes along when her owner dies. In trying to hide that fact long enough to escape, Tessa prays to the Greek god Helios. She begs for his help in leaving. But, she also meets two men who will change her life. Simon is an elderly man who teaches her about God, and Nikos is a man who works at teaching her about love. Can Tessa learn to let go of her long held traditions and trust the one true God? Will she be able to escape the island, or will an assassination plot change her plans and let the world know that her owner is dead? Action and suspense await you within the pages of this book!

I love this time period, so this book was right up my alley. Ms. Higley writes with a style that invites the reader in, making her characters, plot, and places come alive. If you like historical fiction with suspense and the hint of love, you will love this book. I think reading groups would have fun discussing the many topics that arise. I received my free review copy from the Book Sneeze program in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Bold as Love" by Bob Roberts, Jr.

Loving others is a command from God, yet many people find it hard to love those who don't agree with them. Those disagreements can be about anything, but are especially difficult when it comes to a belief system. In this new book, Pastor Bob Roberts takes the time to reach out to each of us and encourage us to reach out to others around us, all of our neighbors. 

We truly do live in a global society. Travel is so easy and people move for a myriad of reasons. With people come different religious systems and beliefs, most strongly held and adhered to. It can be difficult to stay engaged with others when there is so much "PC" and worry about saying the wrong thing. But, we can still be bold in our conversations and loving in our choice of words. Faith is meant to be shared. It isn't something to hide away in storage until we are ready to move. It is a living, breathing thing that needs to be freely given. Only when we share our faith with others do we see the changes that happen to us and to those around us. 

This is a book that will challenge you to get up and take risks. I think my favorite chapter is Chapter 6, "Living Our Faith with All Our Faiths Present." We all need strength and courage, and this book will indeed provide ways to get them. This book is for all Christians. If you long to have a deeper relationship with others, be as "Bold as Love."

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"No Safe Harbor" by Elizabeth Ludwig

Harbors are supposed to be places of rest and safety. But in this story, Cara Hamilton can't seem to find one. She has grown up in Ireland but determines to leave when she discovers that the brother she thought was dead is really alive. He is living in America. Thus begins Cara's journey to find him; a journey that will take her to America and days filled with danger, deceit, and the unknown.

Cara thought Eoghan was dead, but then a letter came from America and Cara knew she needed to find him. How could he have kept this information from her? How could he have left her? Cara is determined to find him and the answers before he disappears again. She shouldn't really trust anyone, but then she meets Rourke and that flies out the window. Her days soon become filled with unanswered questions, tension, and secrecy. Danger is everywhere. Will Cara find her brother before something bad happens? Why did he run in the first place?  Is Rourke the man he seems to be? Step back in history and join Cara on her quest.

Ms. Ludwig had me from the beginning of this story. History fascinates me, and 1897 is the year she chose. Her depiction of the lives of her characters and their stories, drew me in and made me want to know more. I wanted to see the good, but found some unsavory things as well. That made it interesting! I recommend this book to readers who love suspense and intrigue. You won't be sorry you picked up this book! I received my free review copy from Litfuse Publishing in exchange for participation in the blog tour.

To CELEBRATE the release of her newest novel, No Safe Harbor, Elizabeth Ludwig is giving away a Kindle Fire! Then on 12/6 she'll be hosting a fun Facebook Party where she will be chatting with readers and giving away fun prizes! Click for details and don't miss the fun. 
About No Safe Harbor
She came to America searching for her brother. Instead all she's found is a web of danger.
Cara Hamilton had thought her brother to be dead. Now, clutching his letter, she leaves Ireland for America, desperate to find him. Her search leads her to a houseful of curious strangers, and one man who claims to be a friend-Rourke Walsh. Despite her brother's warning, Cara trusts Rourke, revealing her purpose in coming to New York.
She's then thrust into a world of subterfuge, veiled threats, and attempted murder, including political revolutionaries from the homeland out for revenge. Her questions guide her ever nearer to locating her brother-but they also bring her closer to destruction as those who want to kill him track her footsteps.
With her faith in tatters, all hope flees. Will her brother finally surface? Can he save Cara from the truth about Rourke... a man she's grown to love? 
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Meet Elizabeth:  
Elizabeth Ludwig is an award-winning author and an accomplished speaker and teacher. Her historical novelLove Finds You in Calico, California earned four stars from Romantic Times. She is the owner and editor of the popular literary blog The Borrowed Book. Along with her husband and two children, Elizabeth makes her home in Orange, Texas.

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