Thursday, November 17, 2016

"A Man Called Ove" by Fredrik Backman

"Love is a strange thing. It takes you by surprise."

Ove is the man that we all either know presently or have known in the past. You know, the older gentleman who everyone thinks is angry or crotchety, seeming to want to be left alone, and no one knows why. People don't seem to care either until, one day a family is moving in and there is an incident with a trailer. This is how Ove meets Parvaneh, Patrick, and their two daughters, ages 3 and 7. Parvaneh is one of my favorite characters, and you will figure out why as you read the book!

There was so much to "unpeel" in this book. Questions needed to be answered like, "Why is Ove so unhappy?" "Where did the mangy, loveable, caring cat come from?" There were also tough topics to deal with like, the idea of suicide, "coming out" to someone who doesn't understand, and forcing people to move from their homes into a "facility."

Come on and meet Ove, Sonja, Anita, Rune, Parvaneh, Patrick, Nasanin, the cat, Jimmy, Mirsad, Anders, Adrian, and all the others.  This is so worth reading!  =)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"The Waiting Room" by Leah Kaminsky

Ghosts of the past, memories of the Holocaust, and the present day come together in this new book by Leah Kaminsky. The novel takes place in a single day - one 24 hour period, yet the reader feels like they are moving through a much longer time frame. "The Waiting Room," haunting, full of emotion - a story told with the carefulness of a good friend. 

Dina is a doctor and she is also the daughter of holocaust survivors. She tries to manage her days as she cares for patients and for her own family, yet the ghosts of the past continually haunt her. What new coping skills are available? What else can she try? Then, a terror alert is issued for her area and it causes the ghosts to bubble up uncontrollably. Will Leah come through this unscathed? Will she be able to finally deal with those horrible memories and ghosts? Pick up the book and find out!

What a good book! Leah Kaminsky had me glued to the pages. I wanted to know what was going to happen, yet there was also a lot of emotion that I felt. If you enjoy books that make you think about the past and how it affects those who lived it; if you enjoy books that make you think, this book is for you. I can't wait for more from Ms. Kaminsky!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A presidential election, an ambitious reporter, and a web of deceit and danger are all wrapped up in this new political thriller by Lis Wiehl. Mike Ortiz is running for president, but is he ready? His wife seems to be the beautiful, supporting wife, but is she? Erica is an ambitious reporter who thinks something is off about everything. Is she right and how will her investigative reporting affect her and her daughter?

Mike Ortiz spent nine months in prison, held by Al-Qaeda, suffering imaginable horrors. As a war hero, he seems to be the perfect candidate to take over the White House, and he believes his wife stands with him completely. But, is Mike standing on his own paving his own way, or is there more to his sudden popularity and appeal? Erica can't let it go. She feels that something is wrong, and like a dog with a bone, can't let it go. How far will she go to uncover the truth, or how far will others go to stop her? All of the answers to these questions and more are found in the pages of this book.

Lis Weihl has once again taken a timely topic and put it into a book that will keep readers glued to its pages. The characters are life-like, the story like it is out of the headlines. Her writing always grabs my attention and leaves me waiting for her next book. If you like political thrillers, especially as timely as this one, you will love this one. I not only recommend, "The Candidate," but Lis Wiehl's other books as well. I received my review copy from FSB Associates in exchange for an honest and timely review.

Friday, July 29, 2016

"You Are Forgiven" a Bible study by Love God Greatly

Forgiveness. A word so often used in our world, but do we really understand the meaning? When we forgive, we talk about letting go of the hurt, anger, and malice we feel around situations or people. But, if we hold on to any piece of it, have we really forgiven? No. We are human. But God completely and absolutely wipes things away when He forgives us! In this new Bible study from the Love God Greatly team of Whitney Daugherty, Joy Forney, Angela Perritt, Jen Thorn, and Joan Shaffer, you can find a true understanding of what it means to be truly forgiven by God.

We have so many things in our lives that can cause us to feel that we are not enough; we can feel real shame and guilt, never letting go of those feelings, instead letting them eat us up inside. But, God has open arms and will forgive and free us of the bonds that weigh us down. Christ's death on the cross enables us to experience that complete and absolute forgiveness.  This 8-week study will help you to understand what forgiveness is, why we need it, how to get it, and so much more! It will encourage and uplift you! 

I love this study and can't wait to study with my group! While you can do this alone, this study will have more power when you study with others. Your group may be online (Love God Greatly will be studying this very soon!) or it may be in person,but either way you will benefit from the thoughts, questions, and wisdom of those in the study. I highly recommend this to any woman who is looking for a way to let God's forgiveness in, or to any who would like a deeper understanding of the subject. You will not regret participating!

Monday, July 11, 2016

"Coming Soon!!!" "You Are Forgiven"

A new book from Love God Greatly! "You Are Loved" was first and soon "You Are Forgiven" will be available. Keep watching for the release date!  =)   #youareforgiven  #lovegodgreatly

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lazarus Awakening DVD Study Pack

In this study pack, Joanna Weaver leads a study on how to find our special relationship with God. Do we serve like Martha? Do we sit and listen like Mary? Or, do we seek the special truth that not only does God love us, but He has a special position for each of us. This three CD pack is meant to go with the book, but can be watched without. Each listener can find God's message for them. This study is great for small and large groups, groups with men and women, and is divided into parts so that it is easy to have discussions. Included are: an in-depth Bible study, special "Israel Moments," and a leader's guide. 

I enjoyed this study, but did find Ms. Weaver too perky sometimes. I was in awe of the sights and sounds of Israel and had hoped for either some quiet discussion or just plain quiet to enjoy it. But, she has so much to share, so much to lead each listener to find! I recommend this study to everyone who would like to find their "Lazarus Awakening."