Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A presidential election, an ambitious reporter, and a web of deceit and danger are all wrapped up in this new political thriller by Lis Wiehl. Mike Ortiz is running for president, but is he ready? His wife seems to be the beautiful, supporting wife, but is she? Erica is an ambitious reporter who thinks something is off about everything. Is she right and how will her investigative reporting affect her and her daughter?

Mike Ortiz spent nine months in prison, held by Al-Qaeda, suffering imaginable horrors. As a war hero, he seems to be the perfect candidate to take over the White House, and he believes his wife stands with him completely. But, is Mike standing on his own paving his own way, or is there more to his sudden popularity and appeal? Erica can't let it go. She feels that something is wrong, and like a dog with a bone, can't let it go. How far will she go to uncover the truth, or how far will others go to stop her? All of the answers to these questions and more are found in the pages of this book.

Lis Weihl has once again taken a timely topic and put it into a book that will keep readers glued to its pages. The characters are life-like, the story like it is out of the headlines. Her writing always grabs my attention and leaves me waiting for her next book. If you like political thrillers, especially as timely as this one, you will love this one. I not only recommend, "The Candidate," but Lis Wiehl's other books as well. I received my review copy from FSB Associates in exchange for an honest and timely review.