Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Journeys Across Niagara" by D.K. LeVick

Niagara Falls - a place for tourists, weddings, and wonder. Is there more to the Falls than just their beauty? What secrets do they hold? This book leads the reader on a journey through time and experiences around Niagara Falls.

An ice-bridge? No there really couldn't be one, the boys thought, but is there was one, they wanted to cross it. Kevin, Chuck, Wayne, Lennie, and Billy were friends. They loved to hear the stories represented by the pictures of Niagara Falls, and the one about the ice bridge made them go in search of it. Their journey is incredible and dangerous, but totally pulls the reader in. All along the way, the reader is treated with wonderful historical facts about the Falls and its relationship to things like the Underground Railroad. What was it like to live as a hermit on an island in the Niagara River? What was it like to explore the riverbed when the river went dry? Come on, pick up this book and enjoy the adventure yourself!

This book captured me from the beginning. I loved reading about the boys, the hermit, and so many others from the Falls' history. I love Niagara Falls, and picked this book to learn more about them. I was not disappointed and recommend it to readers of all types. This free review copy was from the Book Sneeze program in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Confronting Jezebel" by Steve Sampson

Jezebel - not a name you hear people name their daughters, but one that is used to denote a wicked woman. The reason for this is probably because the Jezebel everyone knows about is the evil queen found in the Bible. Jezebel was truly one-sided - everything was going to be her way and for her, or she would make any obstacles disappear. In this newly revised edition, Steve Sampson takes on a journey into discovering and diffusing the Jezebel spirit.

Dishonesty, jealousy, and deceitfulness are just a few symptoms of this spirit. The Jezebel spirit seeks control by making everyone miserable with discord and manipulation. If this spirit isn't recognized in the early stages, it will grow and overcome the person. God and His Word are the cures, and Mr. Sampson points out Scripture that will help us. Do you want to rid yourself of the Jezebel spirit? Do you want to help others do the same? This book will help get you onto the right path to freedom.

This is an interesting book. I appreciated the honesty and solutions found in the book. It would be easy to point at each other and see their shortcomings, but I think this book is meant for each of us to look inside and rid ourselves of this spirit, and I recommend it as such. Living a life free of this spirit will model it for others, providing a path to their own freedom.  I received my free review copy from Bethany House Publishers for an honest review.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Covenant Child" by Terri Blackstock

Kara and Lizzie have had a very hard life. Their mother died in a car accident a little while after they were born, so they never knew her. Their father, Jack, fell in love with Amanda and married her. But, tragically he and his parents died in a plane crash about six months later. The twins were three, and even though Amanda is their stepmother and had promised to take care of the twins, there are problems. Kara and Lizzie have money, so unseemly forces in the family sue for custody and win. The girls aren't loved or wanted for anything but their money, and their choices reveal their feelings of worthlessness. 

Amanda has kept fighting for Kara and Lizzie, living on the estate she was given in the will, hoping to give it to them one day. But as the twins approach 18, all of the lies they have been told about Amanda along with the truth Amanda tries to get across to them, cause difficult choices to be made. Will the twins act as one and accept/reject Amanda? Or, will they be divided on the subject, causing more heartache for each other? Amanda had made a promise to Jack, but will she be able to keep any part of it? Come, follow this heart breaking story to its conclusion.

This book made me feel all kinds of emotions. I could feel the love Amanda had for the girls, the confusion and pain the twins felt, and was angry at the family members who used them for the money. The story is compelling and the characters lifelike. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good story filled with emotional twists and turns. It will probably keep you thinking, as it has me. I received my free review copy from the Book Sneeze program for an honest review.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Firestorm" by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Firefighting is a harrowing and courageous profession, and fire jumping takes that job to new heights of danger. In Book 6 of her "Full Circle Series," Lisa T. Bergren takes us into the world of the courageous men and women who fight the fires and gives us a glimpse of their hopes, dreams, worries, losses, and loves. 

Reyne has a lot of memories to deal with. When her team was fighting a wildfire, the wind shifted causing them to take refuge under their protective sheets. The loss of four team members that day has weighted so heavily on her, that Reyne has taken a job as a fire researcher, safely studying fires from a distance. Her debilitating fear has taken her from the job she loved to one behind a desk. Enter Logan, a smoke jumper. He knows the dangers, but feels the benefits of his work outweigh the risks, even when Reyne tries to convince him to take an inside job. There is more than friendship here! Logan has to find a way to convince Reyne to trust God and let Him take care of them. Will Reyne listen and, in turn, face her fears? Will she ever work a fire line again? Will Reyne's friends, Beth and Rachel, be able to help her move beyond her believed responsibility for the loss of team members? 

Wow! There was so much going on in this book. I found myself going through all kinds of emotions, feeling alot of Reyne's fear and uncertainty. It is always nice for me to read a book with a great story - one that includes a love story - that I can recommend to others. While I haven't read any other books in the series, I will look for them now. If you enjoy books that keep you on the edge of your seat at times, and let you enjoy conversation and friendship between characters at times, this is the book for you! I received my free review copy from the Blogging For Books program for an honest review.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Moonblood" by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

"Moonblood" is the third book in the "Tales of the Goldstone Wood" series by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. In this Christian fiction series, Ms. Stengl brings us characters like Rose Red, Lionheart, King Vahe, Beana, Hawkeye, and Daylily. In the world of magic, talking goats, unicorns, witches, and dragons dwell; and the threat of cowardice and defeat always seem close by.

Rose Red has been faithful to Lionheart, yet the people feel he is bewitched. While looking for any good excuse to kill her, a dragon is seen in the town and the villagers almost complete the brutal act. Banishing Rose Red breaks Lionheart's heart, but what else can he do? He is supposed to marry Daylily and become the Eldest some day. Isn't that worth any price? To Lionheart's credit, his answer is no and he begins his search for her in Goldstone Wood. What will become of Rose Red and Lionheart? Will Lionheart finally fight the dragon? Will King Vahe waken the children of the dragon? Is there more to this story?

This is the first book of the series that I read, and I will now get the other two and read them. Ms. Stengl definitely has a way with words and writing fantasy. I enjoyed the story and characters, although there were times I wished I had the background information of the other books. That said, I recommend this series to readers of fantasy everywhere. I received my free review copy from Bethany House Publishers for an honest review.

"God on the Streets of Gotham" by Paul Asay

Batman has been popular throughout many generations for a reason. His exploits have captured our imagination and kept us wanting more. In his new book, "God on the Streets of Gotham: What the Big Screen Batman Can Teach Us About God and Ourselves," Paul Asay takes us for a walk down memory lane, touching on the history and life of Batman. But, Mr. Asay does more here. He also shows comparisons between the life of a pretend superhero with our real life superhero - Jesus. What type of comparisons can there be? you might ask. Well, there were/are villains to defeat, people to save, and goodness to find and nurture; there was also persecution and love. Come take a walk on the streets of your town and see how the message of this book  can illuminate your thinking.

I selected this book because the title intrigued me, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. So many times we forget the power we have on our side as Christians, but we do have power. This book helps to remind us that with God on our side, evil will be defeated. It was fun reliving the history of Batman, and it brought back many great memories. If you enjoy books that will help you think outside the box, and encourage you, this book is right for you. I received my free review copy from Tyndale House Publishers for an honest review.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Angel Eyes" Giveaway and Facebook Party!

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"Angel Eyes" by Shannon Dittemore

Brielle has returned to her home in Stratus, Oregon, but this homecoming is not what anyone expected. Brielle is not happy and the sadness that hovers around her affects those near her. Something horrible happened. Everyone knows. Brielle doesn't want to talk about it, she wants to be invisible, yet she knows she has to move through her life somehow. As she re-enters the school she left a couple of years before, a new boy named Jake also starts. He saw her dancing. He seems to show up everywhere she is. Is he a stalker or worse? Could he simply be a protector?

In a world where angels and demons battle, humans can be pawns and need protection. As the demons (fallen angels - Damien) and the angels (Shield Angels - Canaan) battle, most people can't see them. But, after receiving a gift from Jake, Brielle can see them. How does this affect her and her ability to move past tragedy and sadness? Will she finally understand what is going on and why Jake is in her life? Will she and Jake work together to help those around them? This first book in a new trilogy by Shannon Dittemore will provide answers to these questions and many more.

I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next in the series. The story pulled me in immediately and I wanted to know what had made Brielle so sad. I wanted her relationship with her father to be strong again, and I wanted to know who Jake was. In my quest for these answers I found so much more. I recommend this book to anyone who loves stories about the battle between good and evil, mysteries, and YA fiction. The book is well written and will pull you into its pages, leaving you wanting more. I received my free review copy from Litfuse Publishing for an honest review in the blog tour.

 About Shannon: 

Shannon is a wife and mother. A sister. A daughter. A friend. She was raised in Northern California by her parents-pastors of their local church and constant figures of inspiration.

As a youth, Shannon traveled with an award-winning performing arts team, excelling on stage and in the classroom. As a young adult, she attended Portland Bible College, continued acting, and worked with an outreach team targeting inner-city kids in the Portland-Metropolitan area.

It was in Portland that she met her husband, Matt. They were married in 2002. Soon after, they took the reins of the youth ministry at Living Way Community Church in Roseville, California where they continue to serve in that capacity. In October of 2004, their son Justus was born, followed by their daughter Jazlyn, born in 2008. 

Find out more at www.shannondittemore.com.

Monday, June 4, 2012

"My Big Bottom Blessing" by Teasi Cannon

Weight management seems to be a problem for many people. What do we see when we look into mirrors or windows? What does God want us to see? In her new book, Teasi Cannon wants to "see" with new eyes - God's eyes.

Each chapter in this book contains invaluable information for leading a more healthy lifestyle. With humor and tact, Teasi makes her points, then ends with probing questions for each reader. What you get from it is up to you. The point is to be honest with ourselves, find the problem areas, then let God help us solve the problems. The stories and Scriptures will enable each person to find that honesty and see the direct relationship between healthy spiritual and physical lives. Are you in need of encouragement and strength to fight your daily battles, including that of weight? The encouragement in this book goes a long way to getting you to see yourself through God's eyes; a person to be loved, a person who is loved.

I honestly thought this book would be more about dieting and exercise than I found it to be. The wonderful illustrations and Scriptures encouraged me into a closer walk with God, through which the healthier life will come. My endeavors to stop the yo-yo dieting and improve my body image were in vain when done alone. This book is work, but work worth doing. It's good to know that I don't have to do it alone. I enjoyed the book, and recommend it to readers everywhere. I received my free copy from Handlebar Publishing for an honest review.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Wish You Were Here" by Beth Vogt

She kissed the wrong man! Now a few days before her wedding, Allison finds herself in a horrible predicament. How could she betray her fiance by kissing his brother, Daniel? Allison hasn't been happy with things for a while. For example, she hates her wedding dress. But she would never intentionally hurt Seth, after all, she has agreed to marry him. Daniel lives a life she sees as filled with adventure and romance. As Allison sorts out her feelings, things with Seth and Daniel become more complicated. Who will she choose? Will a wedding take place? Pick up this book and you will find yourself engulfed in this wonderful, sometimes funny, love story.

What an enjoyable book! There were moments I was surprised or giggling, but always loving the story. I loved the special touch the postcards made before some of the chapters. They added information and helped build anticipation in the story and characters. Each character seemed to be living, feeling human beings placed in a setting that was realistic. I recommend this book to readers who want to enjoy a good book. Thank you to the Litfuse Publicity Group for my free copy and the ability to participate in the blog tour.

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