Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Confronting Jezebel" by Steve Sampson

Jezebel - not a name you hear people name their daughters, but one that is used to denote a wicked woman. The reason for this is probably because the Jezebel everyone knows about is the evil queen found in the Bible. Jezebel was truly one-sided - everything was going to be her way and for her, or she would make any obstacles disappear. In this newly revised edition, Steve Sampson takes on a journey into discovering and diffusing the Jezebel spirit.

Dishonesty, jealousy, and deceitfulness are just a few symptoms of this spirit. The Jezebel spirit seeks control by making everyone miserable with discord and manipulation. If this spirit isn't recognized in the early stages, it will grow and overcome the person. God and His Word are the cures, and Mr. Sampson points out Scripture that will help us. Do you want to rid yourself of the Jezebel spirit? Do you want to help others do the same? This book will help get you onto the right path to freedom.

This is an interesting book. I appreciated the honesty and solutions found in the book. It would be easy to point at each other and see their shortcomings, but I think this book is meant for each of us to look inside and rid ourselves of this spirit, and I recommend it as such. Living a life free of this spirit will model it for others, providing a path to their own freedom.  I received my free review copy from Bethany House Publishers for an honest review.

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