Friday, March 16, 2018

"Imagine: The Ten Plagues" by Matt Koceich

Imagine, you are transported back to the time of Moses, Aaron, and Pharoah. Imagine that you witness the ten plagues that fell on Egypt before the Pharoah let God's people go. That is what this new book by Matt Koeich is about.  Imagine.... 

Kai can't stand bullies but isn't sure how to battle them except to protect those who are picked on. But, when she is confronted by the bully and tries to stand her ground, she is hit so hard her mind takes her on a trip to ancient Egypt. There she meets Amenken and his wife Betrest, who were trying to help a young girl get water to help her people. One problem, the Egyptian soldiers were bullying them to stop. Needless to say, Kai also gets involved in trying to help Lily. Does her help work? What was it like to witness the plagues? Who is Naaji and what is special about his book? And, who is the "falcon?" All these questions and more are answered within the pages of this book.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to families with children ages 8 - 12. It is a great book to read aloud and discuss together. Children will also love picking it up and reading it for themselves. It will also help with the discussion of bullying. Thank you to Barbour Publishing, Inc. for my review copy. These words are my own and I am under no obligation to provide a review.

Friday, March 9, 2018

"The Invention of Wings" by Sue Monk Kidd

"The Invention of Wings" is an amazing book. While it is fiction, the story does contain facts. The Grimke sisters were indeed abolitionists and many of the other people mentioned (such as Denmark Vesey) also existed. The settings were real places and the horrors meted out were real. But, the story is a fictionalized account, handled expertly by Sue Monk Kidd. This is a story of two sisters and how they fought not only for their own identities, but also for the freedom of others. It kept this reader glued to the page wondering what was going to happen next.

Too many times we read about a historical time and forget that real people were involved. This novel brings the fight to abolish slavery to life, as well as the fight for women's rights. I love how I was put right into each setting and felt like I got to meet each and every character. I could actually see the quilts! I don't think I will ever look at a bird, especially a black bird, the same way again. There were times I wanted to cry, or laugh, or cheer. If you enjoy books that make you think, that pull you in, and that bring history to life, this book is for you! Come meet Sarah, Angelina, Hetty, Charlotte, Sky, Denmark, Goodis, and so many others.They will draw you into their story completely and won't let you go until they are done.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

"My Big Book of Bible Heroes Devotional" by Glenn Hascall

In a world where people are looking everywhere for heroes, looking to God is that answer! In this new devotional for young people, Glenn Hascall brings 50 Bible characters to life. Who were these men and women and why are they called heroes? Take a step inside the book to find out!

Mr. Hascall draws kids in with the beautiful pictures of each character. Add to the fact that these are some of the people kids have heard about since they could sit up. People like Adam, Samuel, Hannah, Solomon, Gideon, Ruth, Daniel, and Mary. 50 Bible heroes are the subject of a devotion that has the Bible passage, a devotional passage, a prayer, and some thought provoking questions. It is a fun way to learn things like you are never too young to learn to cooperate with God. Just look at King Josiah! Or, how to take the initiative and seek God, as Hannah did. There is so much to learn, yet it is presented in a manner that invites kids to enjoy studying the Bible.

I recommend this book to parents who are looking for a fun and interesting devotional for their children. It will keep them interested while teaching wonderful Bible principles. I am thankful for the review copy that I received. It was complimentary from Barbour Publishing and I was under no obligation to post a review.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"365 Classic Bedtime Bible Stories" by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut, Daniel Partner, and illustrated by Alessia Girasole

Beautiful illustrations and much loved Bible stories combine in this wonderful new book that will excite parents and young readers. Each Bible lesson has a bright, inviting illustration, the Scripture reference, and a devotional sized story, that will take about 10 min. to read and enjoy. The Index at the back of the book gives a topical listing by Old and New Testament, making it easy to find the story you are looking for. And, the print is a really good size for reading together.

I really like this book, and can't wait to read the stories to my new grandson. The pictures are vibrant and easy to see, and the stories short enough for even the wiggliest child to sit through. I love that the Scripture is also listed so that you can read it from the Bible as well. I also love that the stories cover topics from Genesis through Revelation. This book will make a great gift for families with small children, or for parents/grandparents building a library. I definitely recommend this book!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"May the Faith Be With You" NIRV Bible by Zondervan 2017

"May the Faith Be With You" is a new Bible for children aged 6 - 10 years. It is meant to inspire young people to pick up their Bible and go on the adventure God intended for us to take. It is the New International Reader's Version is a new version designed to make reading the Bible easier. Each reader will discover that for them-self.

This Bible has an astronomical theme in cover and artwork. It is meant to play off the space exploration idea, drawing children and other readers into its pages. The artwork portrays stars, the sun, planets, etc. and each page has something special about the Bible. Topics include: Books of the Bible, The Ten Commandments, What is the Trinity?, and What were the parables of Jesus? They are wonderful pathways to Bible truths and they spark interest with the beautiful background. 

I really like the "fun" aspect of this Bible. It really does draw your attention to the adventure contained inside. It has a hard cover and the print is small, but most children like both of those features. I love the special pages, one of my favorites being, "Verses to read when..." I recommend this Bible because I think everyone should be reading what God has to say.

Monday, November 6, 2017

"When Did Everybody Else Get So Old?" by Jennifer Grant

Aging brings a set of problems no one seems prepared for. Changes happen to health, body, occupation, family, friends, etc. Soon we are looking around and wondering, "When Did Everybody Else Get So Old?" In this new book, Jennifer Grant takes a look at the entire situation and offers help to get through it.

The kids are gone, high school reunion #XX, friends/family dying, wrinkles, new aches and pains, changes in our spiritual/emotional/physical life all brought on by aging. The question is can we laugh through the learning? Can we see ourselves in the "old people" we see around us? This book is filled with poignant and funny stories and honesty that keeps readers glued to the page. 

I loved this book! I didn't have a problem going into my 40's or my 50's, but am seeing more changes as I embark on the 60's. This book kept me glued to the pages, laughing and feeling for those in the stories. It's time to take a look at the changes that have come to our lives - empty nest, stories to share, people looking up to you, maybe feeling lost - time to make the changes to help us enjoy each stage God brings us to. This is a great book not only for readers 30ish and older to have in their home for the wisdom it contains, but also to give as a gift to those who need the help this book will provide. I highly recommend it!

"In the Middle of the Mess" by Sheila Walsh

Sheila Walsh is a prolific writer of spirit filled, honest books. Her message of freedom in Christ continues to shine in this new book. Circumstances get in the way, problems block our view, Satan attacks over and over; but "In the Middle of the Mess," God is there! He wants us to believe that, to fully comprehend that we are constantly held by Him. In this book, Sheila Walsh tells us how to turn struggles into strengths, obstacles into stepping stones, and heartache into growth. Her honesty and strength will keep readers glued as they grow closer to God.

Sheila Walsh is one of my favorite authors and speakers. Her love for the Lord is transparent, her stories honest and her heart open. We all have problems in our lives that take our breath away sometimes and how we handle them can be up for grabs. In this book, readers will find fresh hope and ideas of trust, confession, Bible meditation, and prayer. The tools to get out of "the mess" are here. 

One of my favorite lines, "But hear this truth: Nothing that affects you is petty to God." pg. 52  I highly recommend this book!