Tuesday, April 2, 2019

"Taste and See" by Margaret Feinberg

Taste and See, a new devotional by Margaret Feinberg, combines the love of food with the love of the Bible. How does God feel about food? What does the Bible say about food? Come explore in "Taste and See."

The Bible is rich in references to different types of foods and their preparation. In this study, Ms. Feinberg explores many. Each lesson starts with a practical lesson from the kitchen and it is all woven into a beautiful Biblical application. Olives, bread, salt, and more deliciousness for the table are explored through actual "field trips" and recipes. Then readers go more in depth in the Bible. Ms. Feinberg causes readers to "taste" then "see" making the information really stick. Readers will not be disappointed in this study.

I love this study! It is fun and so thought provoking. I love actually thinking about what God wants me to pull from a specific passage about food. The recipes are wonderful and help me to remember the verses and applications I have learned. If you are looking for a new study, come on and "Taste and See!"

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

"Convergence" by Ginny L. Yttrup

Dr. Denilyn Rossi is a Psychology professor who tells her students that our present and future depend upon how we deal with their past. What choices they make will either help or hurt them, and many students truly believe her and want to live embracing the past and moving forward. What happens when the choice is not so clear cut?

Dr. Rossi enjoys teaching but doesn't totally apply all of the teaching to herself. One such teaching is that dealing with the past will determine how you deal with your today and tomorrow. Adelia took the teaching to heart, desiring to make her life better moving forward, not living in the past. But, neither woman bargained for someone wanting to destroy their peace. Neither thought their future would be entwined with the other. Neither bargained on a stalker.

This book is full of thrilling and suspenseful twists and turns. While the book didn't grab me right away (too many descriptive words), it did grab me eventually. If you like a good, suspenseful mystery, this may be the book for you. Give it a chance to grab you and I think you will find it worth it. Thank you to Barbour Publishing for my review copy. The review is honest and mine. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

"Hebrews: It's Not How You Start-It's How You Finish" by Dr. Kathy Stewart"

Did you ever want to study the Bible book of Hebrews? Now is your chance! Dr. Kathy Stewart fell in love with this book while in college and decided to write a study guide to help others uncover the richness of Hebrews. 

Hebrews is a book in which Christians can find encouragement. In this study, Dr. Stewart highlights each verse, many times comparing the verse with its Old Testament counterpart. It makes for an enjoyable, information rich study on the fact that Jesus Christ is God and the Messiah. Christians will come away from the study encouraged that they have more answers about Christ and their faith.

I really enjoyed studying Hebrews with Dr. Stewart. I love the book and found myself refreshed and encouraged when I finished. If you are looking for a new study, or a study on Hebrews, I recommend this one. If you aren't looking, be sure to keep this one in mind for the next time. Thank you to the Book Look program for my copy. This is an honest review. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

NKJV Maxwell Leadership Bible

There are many Bibles on the market today, so choosing one that fits your needs can be daunting. Are you a leader in your church? Do you want to be one? This Bible is designed to help Christians use their talents for leadership by giving examples and pointers throughout. 

Moses, David, Jeremiah - three mighty men of God who are profiled here for their leadership qualities. Discernment, Empowerment, Character - three characteristics of strong leaders. These are just a few of the people and characteristics found in the Bible alongside Scripture that reinforces them. If you want to be a front line leader or a more sedate leader, there is information in this Bible to help you reach your goals.

I really like this Bible because as I read along I also get leadership tips. Each Bible book has a spot for the Leadership Highlights for that book, so they are easy to search out. This is a Bible I will give as gifts, one I know will be used. Thank you to Book Look Bloggers for my copy. This is a true and honest review. 

Sunday, December 16, 2018

"The Gift That I Can Give for Little Ones" by Kathy Lee Gifford

Kindness is something we should all exhibit constantly and the sooner we show our children by example the better. In this new book, Kathy Lee Gifford gives children ideas of how to help others and uses language they will understand.

How can a child make this world a better place? There are so many wonderful ideas in this book. Simply being kind to others, realizing that God made each of them special and that that trait was meant to be shared, being kind to animals, using their talents, and being a team player are just a few of the lessons little ones can learn from this book. It will make a great addition to any family library.

I love this little book with its bright drawings and practical lessons, and can't wait to share it with my grandchildren. It is easy to understand and the pictures reinforce each message. I recommend this to anyone with young children in their home. It is a priceless library addition. Thank you to Book Look Bloggers for my review copy. This review is completely mine.

Monday, November 12, 2018

"Ancient-Modern Bible" NKJV Edition

There are many Bibles on the market today, each with their own appeal. In this new edition, Ancient and Modern scholars are included to give their wisdom and study helps. Readers are treated to articles and commentaries from voices they may never have read, but will aid in their search and study of the Scriptures.

This Bible is hard-covered and comes in a protective box. It has beautiful maps in the back, along with some beautiful "Art of the Church," which readers may or may not have seen. Articles include: "Creation and Fall," "Meditating on His Word," and "The Church." Throughout the Bible, readers will find biographies of people like: Maximus the Confessor, Thomas Merton, William Tyndale, and Eusebius. 

I really like this Bible. It is well laid out for study and it has been fun to learn about some ot the great Christians of the past. Each book has an introduction that includes quotes, the theme, and its purpose. I especially enjoy reading the quotes by men like John Calvin and Ayhanasius. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys studying the Bible and going deeper each time. Thank you to Book Look Bloggers for my review copy. The review is my opinion and words.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

"All the Colors We Will See" by Patrice Gopo

The quest to belong can often times lead us through painful struggles, the pangs of growth, worry, and love. It is a journey that can involve race, religion, immigration, and more. It is not an easy journey for everyone, and most people have times in their lives when belonging seems out of reach. In this new book of reflections and essays, Patrice Gopo shares her heart and lessons learned along the way in her quest to belong. 

Patrice is the child of Jamaican immigrants who lived in Anchorage, Alaska. Her experiences gave her the subjects to write about, and her words bring them to life. Her essays are beautiful and captivating. Readers can feel her heart as she opens up to the "colors" of her life. This world is only a temporary home for us, but we all struggle to belong sometimes. These personal essays will open readers' eyes to the struggle that others might be facing and encourage more compassion and grace.

I recommend this book to readers of all ages and types. It is a book that will make you think and reflect. Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for my copy. This review is an honest account of my thoughts.