Saturday, December 27, 2014

"NKJV Notetaker's Bible" published by Zondervan

The NKJV Notetaker's Bible is a basic Bible with wide margins for notetaking, along with the words of Jesus in red. The wide margins enable every reader to take notes that are not only legible, but don't need to be written with a great slant.

The Bible is a book not only meant to be read, but also to be studied and appreciated. There are plenty of study Bibles that are great for getting more information and new ideas. But, if a reader just wants to read the Bible and get his own thoughts, or read it with a devotional, this Bible is wonderful for that. The wide margins make marking special passages and logging in special notes easy and comfortable. This Bible has a hard cover and is thin enough to take wherever readers go. It is a great addition to the Bibles being published today.

I really like this Bible. The print is a little smaller than I expected, but when looking at the size, it fits perfectly. The wide margins make me very happy because I love to take notes and write in my Bible. The fact that it is simply a Bible enables me to use other resources of my choosing. I highly recommend it! My only wish is that it came with a soft leather cover. I received my review copy from the BookLook program in exchange for an honest review.

"Watch for the Light" by various authors

"Watch for the Light" is a collection of readings for Advent and Christmas. Contributors include: Aquinas, Bonhoeffer, Lewis, and Luther. The book has daily readings from November 24 through January 7, and is meant to give readers a deeper connection to the Christmas season.

This is a devotional book that includes writings from the past to the present. The meaningful lessons are meant to stick, not just be fluff. As the days get closer to Christmas, there is a feeling in the reading of impending wonder and joy; so much reason to the season. The readings after Christmas are meant to keep the lessons alive in the reader's life. It is a book well worth reading each year.

I found this to be a different and wonderful devotional. The eclectic nature of the writings, the truths of the words, and the season discussed all drew me in. This is a wonderful book to have in your home and will make a great gift. I received my review copy from Handlebar Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, December 22, 2014

"The 13th Gift" by Joanne Huist Smith

"The 13th Gift" is a true story of unexpected acts of kindness. The death of her husband not only floored Joanne, but her family as well. Christmas was coming and no one was in the mood to celebrate anything. Open this book and find out what happened when gifts started appearing at their door, twelve days before Christmas.

Joanne's husband had died unexpectedly and that had her reeling. What was she going to do for Christmas? How could she and the children get through the season with all the pain and anguish, and the inability to talk to each other? Then a miracle began to happen. Small gifts with verses/poems started showing up on their doorstep, and while Joanne wanted to throw them out, her children wouldn't let her. Together, they tried to solve the mystery of who was leaving the packages, and while they didn't solve it, they began to heal. Each gift moved them a day closer to Christmas and healing. 

I really enjoyed this book. It is a perfect Christmas read and will be one I give as a gift. It will make a perfect gift for someone who needs encouragement, for small group discussions, and for readers of all types. It might even encourage you to perform some random acts of kindness! I received my review copy from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"25,000 Mornings: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Life" by Fay Rowe

In this devotional, Fay Rowe gives readers simple, wise devotions for each day. While 25,000 mornings seems like a lot, it really is about 68.49 years. Why waste them? Start each morning with some joy and wisdom by getting into this book and your Bible.

During the holiday season, things can get frazzled and hectic. What do you do to prepare for your day? What about when it is just a "normal" day, one filled with the normal activities of life? Do you take the time to gather up strength to face what is coming? This devotional provides daily readings that will help encourage and strengthen you as you start each precious new morning. Fay Rowe has intriguing titles to draw you in, some of which are: "Beginning Again," "Words," "Parched," and "It Ain't Over." Short but powerful devotions - what better way to start the day!

I love devotionals because there is always something new and powerful to learn from God's Word. This one is not only good to start the day with, but also to have near-by for that extra shot of encouragement I sometimes need during the day. It is a book I plan to buy and give as gifts. If you enjoy devotionals, or are looking for a new one, try this one. It may just meet your need. I received my review copy from the Book Sneeze program in exchange for an honest review.