Friday, December 28, 2012

"Betrayal" by Robin Lee Hatcher

Hugh Brennan and Julia Grace have something in common. Both have known betrayal and are very well aware of the costs it inflicted. Now, unable to truly trust another person, each is drawn to the other. Is there a higher purpose here?

Julia loves her ranch in Wyoming, but her heart is filled with sorrow because her husband is dead and his half brother is trying to take the ranch away from her. How could he betray her this way? Didn't he know it was hers? She would have to fight, but doing that alone was difficult at the beginning of the twentieth century. Along comes Hugh, a man looking for work. As they work together on the ranch, they are drawn to each other. But, can they trust enough to believe in each other? Will Hugh be able to help Julia keep the ranch? This wonderful love story will delight and engage readers from start to finish.

This is a fun read, a light romance with a wonderful story line. Ms. Hatcher knows how to develop her characters and set her scenes and plot in ways that draw readers into the story. I recommend it to any reader who loves a good love story or is just looking for a "feel good" book. This is sure to fit both bills. I received my free review copy from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review.

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