Monday, March 5, 2012

"The Founder's Key: The Divine & Natural Connection between the Declaration and the Constitution and What We Risk by Losing It " by Dr. Larry Arnn

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two of the most vital documents in our society. Today, many in the progressive movement would love to strip them from our conscience and change the way society works. When FDR separated the documents, he began the belief that both of them are powerful and necessary. In this new book, Dr. Larry Arnn shows just how important it is for us to fight to keep them together and useful today. Our Founders knew that the new government was fragile, but they also knew that a solid foundation was vitally important. Who is really supposed to control society and its people? What is the true purpose of government? What did the Founders know that has been lost to many citizens today? Why not pick up this book and re-learn the importance and reason for these two precious documents? It's time to discover, "The Founder's Key."

As a history buff, I was thrilled to receive a free copy of this book from the Book Sneeze program for review. As I listen to the news today, I find it vitally important that our children learn the real importance of our founding documents, and that the rest of us get a big reminder. This is a wonderful book to share and will make a great gift for anyone who wants to know more about what our country was founded on and what we stand to lose.

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