Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Scarhaven Keep" by J.S. Fletcher

Mystery and intrigue surround Scarhaven, England, when Oliver Bassett is suddenly missing. Mr. Bassett is always punctual, setting an example that everyone notices. The members of his theater company are worried about this unusual event and two men (Copplestone and  Stafford) decide to go in search of him, finding his last known stop was in Scarhaven. The people of Scarhaven seem to have secrets, many revolving around the Squire of the town, Marston Greyle. Why doesn't he have contact with his family members and why does he leave them poor? What does he know about Mr. Bassett's disappearance? Mary Wooler, landlady at the Admiral's Arms may have some important information. So might Audrey Greyle, but will telling it put her in danger? Does Devil's Spout have any part in this story? In this classic mystery, the clues will add up and finally point to the person responsible for either the abduction or murder of Oliver Basset.

YA mystery lovers will enjoy this book. There is mystery, intrigue, and even a little love story involved here. As the characters tell their stories, you will be drawn in and develop your own conclusions. Will you be able to solve the mystery? Come on and try!

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