Friday, March 23, 2012

"Angels Are For Real" by Judith MacNutt

Angels. Heavenly messengers meant to bring protect, warn, and guide us. But, are they real or just part of our imagination? In her newest book, Judith MacNutt tackles this topic with Biblical information and real life stories. We pray about many things and don't always notice how the prayer is answered. Angels could be at work. Have you ever had an experience where you know someone stopped you before a horrible accident? or, lost something that miraculously was found? These are just two of the ways angels could be working in your life. One story in the book deals with a lost ring another about being saved from drowning and another about feeling safe, and there are so many more. Opening this book will bless you with information and comfort to know that you are not alone. The research that Ms. MacNutt has done will inspire you.

I loved reading this book. There have been many times we have said that God intervened on the highway or with something lost or with someone who has been ill. God sends his love to us no matter what the answer, and angels are a big part of His work here on earth. If you are a skeptic, why not pick up the book and read Ms. MacNutt's evidence? If you are a believer, you will love the Scripture and stories contained in these pages. I received my free review copy from Bethany House and am happy to write this review.

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