Monday, June 27, 2011

"A Vision of Lucy" by Margaret Brownley

Klutzy. That's what you'd call Lucy. But, Lucy has a dream; she wants to be a photographer. The problem is that it is 1882, in Rocky Creek, TX, and women as photographers is virtually unheard of. Her father definitely doesn't approve and Lucy sets out to prove to him that she can be an artist with her camera. Then David Wolf enters her life. Some say he is a recluse because of bad things he has done and they fear him, but that isn't the truth. Will Lucy get the picture of the wild horse or her wild man? Or, will Lucy find love and acceptance? Will anyone ever take her hopes and dreams seriously? Come along with Lucy as she takes a journey that could make or break her relationship with her family and God.
I really enjoyed reading about Lucy's desires and her klutziness. She seemed very real to me. Margaret Brownley writes wonderful stories with vibrant characters and I recommend all of her books to you! Thank you to the Book Sneeze program for my copy of the book. The review is my own.

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