Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Ashes, Ashes" by Jo Treggiar

Lucy is alone in a post-apocalyptic world; a world where plague, tsunamis, etc. have killed off most of the population including her family. Fending for herself, fighting daily for food and safety, Lucy never thinks that she will find friends or protection in others. Until Aiden comes into her life and little by little she learns to trust. The Sweepers keep attacking their settlement taking the children. But, they are looking for someone more specific. Why are the Sweepers after Lucy? What is the purpose of all the testing? How did Lucy survive the plague? Can the settlement retrieve the missing children and live in safety?

This audio book was written by Jo Treggiar and read by Cassandra Campbell. The first chapter seemed a little slow, but then the book took off and I was hooked. There is suspense, mystery, and even a little romance in this story. It was nice to read a post-apocalyptic book written from the viewpoint of a young person and how they would perceive things. I recommend this book to all readers and think groups could build some great discussions around the story. Thank you to Oasis Audio for my copy of the book!