Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Changeling Moon" by Dani Harper

"Changeling Moon" is the beginning of a new shape-shifter series by Dani Harper. Zoey Tyler moves to a small Canadian town to take over the newspaper (desirous of hiding her own problems) and is totally unaware that the town is full of changelings. But, fighting for her life against a very large wolf one night puts her investigative nose twitching as she vows to prevent others from being hurt. Connor Macleod is not only the town vet: he is also a changeling. As he helps Zoey, he also works to protect his pack, knowing there is something special about Zoey. Will Zoey find out before she falls in love with him? What is "special" about Zoey and how will she deal with the change?

This book is a paranormal fantasy that went a little too far with me when it came to the sex, and I would say the book is for adults rather than teens. The story was interesting and I wanted to know what would happen to each of the characters and the town. Thank you to Leyane Jerejian and FSB Media for my copy of the book!

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