Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Lucky Stiff" by Deborah Coonts

A woman falls from a helicopter; there's a drunk, naked man passed out in the stairwell; a semi full of honeybees overturns and the bees attack - just a few of the things Lucky has to deal with tonight in Las Vegas. Her job is to make sure that the public doesn't become aware of the problems, just comes and has a good time. Her title is Head of Customer Relations at the Babylon, but there is so much more to the job! Her boyfriend is a former female impersonator who plays the piano, is gorgeous, and has women falling all over him. Will he help her with her numerous problems? Was "falling" from a helicopter an accident for Ms. Neidermeyer, or was she murdered? Will the DA's secret liaisons be found out? There is a new French chef coming to the resort. What is her wacky mother's plan? Come join Lucky, Teddie, Darlin' Delacroix, Detective Romeo, and the others as Las Vegas comes to life!

This was a fun, quick read that held my attention. I kept waiting for the next shoe to drop as situations continued to pile up! If you are looking for a mystery/romance beach read or just something fun and quick, this book would be a good choice. Thank you to Leyane Jerejian and FSB Media for my copy of this book.

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