Friday, June 10, 2011

"The Powerful and Playful Warrior within YOU" by G.J. Reynolds

"The only person in the whole wide world who knows how much effort you applied and whether you truly did your best is you." pg. 131
Playful and Powerful Warrior? Really? Can the two exist together? Yes they can. In his new book, G.J. Reynolds gives tips and tricks to not only being the best you can be, but having fun while doing that. He has a powerful story of overcoming depression and other obstacles, and willingly shares it so that others might benefit. Too many times people let other people, things, and circumstances get in the way. This book will help you reclaim your individuality and your personal power and learn to relax into your life. There are twenty one chapters with action steps, so the book is easy to read and apply in sections.
This is an interesting book that was fun to read. I especially enjoyed the action steps at the end of the chapters, along with the highlighted quotes. Some of the key words for me are: Think, Focus, Surround, and Live. This book will appeal to individuals and groups alike as groups will enjoy sharing insights and ideas. I want to thank Megan at PR by the Book for my copy and the opportunity to review the book.

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