Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Untouchable" by Scott O'Connor

Whitley is eleven, and people simply call him "the Kid." He lives with his father and daily deals with the grief of his mother's death. But, Whitley doesn't really believe she is dead and won't speak, making any relationships difficult to keep moving forward. David Darby is a grieving father who also works cleaning up trauma sites. As he prepares to do the work, David continually reminds himself to picture it cleaned up so that he can make it through. His son needs him. He misses his wife. It has been a year and they continue to grieve separately. Can they put the family back together? What is the complete truth behind Lucy Darby's death? What is Whitley writing in his notebooks, and will it completely take his sanity? Can David save himself and Whitley the way he helps save so many other families?
This book was an emotional ride and I continually wanted the situations to be fixed. The characters were vivid and realistic; the story seemed to be taken from any neighborhood. I recommend this book and author and think we will see much more from him. Be sure to watch the trailer as well! Thank you to Leyane Jerejian and FSB Media for the copy I read on my Nook.

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