Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"The Shadow of Your Smile" by Susan May Warren

Noelle and Eli have been married for twenty five years, but that marriage is falling apart. What caused them to drift apart? Much of their trouble goes back to the death of a child and the horrors that brings. But, are they really ready for separation and divorce? Noelle is very unsure of what the future holds for her and her family, so she takes a trip to the city. Maybe a change of scene will help. But she is involved in an accident that leaves her with minor physical injuries, but no memory of her family. How will Eli react to this information? Could this be the chance for them to learn to love again? Can this marriage be saved and the memories be erased or dealt with so that they can move on?

As their story unfolds, Noelle and Eli have to deal with subjects like the death of a child and the grief it brings, the failure of a marriage and finding the will to start again, and how to learn to trust again. It is a compelling story that will have you rooting for the family. It is a story filled with pain and healing, distrust and anger, hope and forgiveness. You may also wonder what it would be like to lose your memory and have to build your life over again. I found the story and its characters very compelling and recommend it to readers who love a thought-provoking story. Reading groups will find a great deal to discuss within these pages.


  1. thanks for this review and glad you enjoyed it! i love susan may warren, but did not like this one. you did a good job describing the story without giving away the plot :) congrats on the humane award and keep up the good work!