Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"The God Whom Moses Knew" by E.A. Walker

Moses, a biblical character most people have heard of. Yet unless you take the time to study the customs and culture of the time, parts of  the color of Moses' life are missing. E.A. Walker has spent abundant time studying the time frame in which Moses lived and shows that in this book. From the beginning, you can feel that Moses is missing something (someone) in his life. Moses feels it too, but it isn't until a series of events occur that Moses understands his true lineage and develops a relationship with God. God then can use Moses completely. How does this new relationship affect his Egyptian family? Is Moses at all confused? What lessons does he learn? This book will help put more color to the story of Moses and the God he knew.

I really enjoyed this book. The title and description drew me in and the story kept my attention. It was fun to fill in the parts of his life that I have only imagined. It was easy to picture the people and scenes as portrayed in the book, and the story line was faithful to the Bible. I recommend it to individual readers and book clubs alike. My review copy came from the Book Sneeze program, and I thank them very much.

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