Monday, December 5, 2011

"Bill Warrington's Last Chance" by James King

Bill Warrington has a a couple of big problems. He is losing his memory and his children don't want to visit him. While he sees his daughter, she is oblivious. His granddaughter, however, is interested in him and his stories. When Bill can't get his children together to talk, and his granddaughter wants to stay with him for a little while, he hatches a scheme to get their attention. With the notes saying that he had April sent to each of his kids, Bill and April set off for their first destination. The clues would be sent as they went along with the express purpose of having his children work together. But, what will happen to the plan when Bill loses his memory? April is only 15. How will she cope with driving, getting hotels, and dealing with the various people along the way? Will his three children work together to find resolution for the entire family? This funny and poignant story will keep thinking long after you are finished.

I really enjoyed this book, especially when I was able to be part of the discussion with the author! The scenes where Bill fights with remembering, or is totally lost, brought tears to my eyes. It really brings home what people with Alzheimer's must feel like knowing they are losing it. I recommend this book to all types of readers, especially groups because there is so much to discuss. Many thanks to TNBBC (The Next Best Book Club) for the copy I won and for hosting the discussion.

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