Monday, August 6, 2012

"The Secret Life of Copernicus Stringfellow" by Lorin Barber

Nick is unusual, and everywhere he goes, something happens. That something is usually good, but if the situation involves a threat, Nick will take care of it. Unusual in size, aptitude, and generosity, Nick keeps to himself most of the time, making friends with those who need him. What makes him so very different? Pick up this book and begin the journey of discovery!

Copernicus H. Stringfellow, Nick, wants nothing more in life than to go around helping those who need him, while staying mostly anonymous. Money, time, and healing techniques are just a few of the things he has to offer. But, he can't be completely honest with anyone for fear that they will either ridicule or use him. Yet, he is not aloof. Nick makes friends, but they sometimes think he knows too much as he uses big words and spouts facts and figures. But, Nick works in a hospital, and miracles seem to happen wherever he goes. This creates some questions in the minds of co-workers. What is a "nurse at large" and how is he qualified? Will Nick be found out? What will happen in his relationships with the friends he has made? Add to these questions the problem that young girls are going missing with no leads at all. How will Nick handle "knowing" that he needs to help Tilly immediately? Can he save her?

I really enjoyed this book! It was fun to read about the things Nick did, and when he used his "powers" to do something slightly wrong, to hear him say "Sorry, Mom." There are many interesting layers to this story that will keep you wondering until the end, and I will never look at a Twinkie the same way again! The only part I didn't like was when Nick was in a lake trying to save his life and that of a friend, and there were constant facts and figures. While I understood what was happening, I wanted a little more action there. But, if you enjoy books that are fun with bits of excitement and romance, this book is for you. I received my free review copy from the author, and thank Lorin very much! I would love to read more of Nick's adventures!

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