Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Lucretia and the Kroons" by Victor LaValle

Lucretia has a problem. Her friend Sunny is missing and Lucretia will need to enter the scary netherworld to find her and hope to bring her back. Problem: The entrance is on the sixth floor and that is the floor that the Kroons live on. Lucretia knows them to be “crackheads,” and that they are suspected of kidnapping children. But Lucretia is willing to try to get past them for Sunny. While she does come face to face with the Kroons, Lucretia also ends up in the Netherworld. That world holds many differences to hers, such as wings on rodents, but she is willing to search for Sunny through anything. Will she find Sunny? What dangers await her? What is the Kroons’ part in all of this? This short novella holds the answers to these questions and more.
This was a fun story to read. It will appeal to anyone who enjoys fantasy stories with interesting characters.

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