Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Talisman of El" by Alecia Stone

What do you do when you are a 14 year old orphan who seems to dream about things before they happen? It happened before his father died, and it has happened again. This creates fear in Charlie, but also the desire to know the reason. The journey of discovery will take him and his friends to the unknown land of Arcadia, where there are mystical creatures and other things that have no explanation. Charlie, Richmond, Alex, and Derkein must walk through their fear many times, facing the known and unknown. Charlie has magical powers that will enable them to find the special gate they need and to deal with the people, animals, etc. that come their way, but can they help when he needs to find Derkein? Charlie needs to trust himself and these powers he doesn't understand. Will Charlie find the reason for his dreams and powers? Will he discover the Talisman of El? Is there more to his family than he knows? How far will he go to save his friends? How much is he willing to sacrifice? Come join Charlie and the others as they come up against the Arcadians and other beings as well as angels. 

This is a fun YA fantasy novel. I enjoyed reading it and believe it will be picked up and enjoyed by many YA novel lovers. Charlie was my favorite character and I enjoyed watching him change and grow. Friendship and discovery are themes to follow while reading the book. Enjoy!

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