Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Tandem" by Tracey Bateman

Two women with unexpected, unsettling things happening in their lives are drawn together in a small town. Abbey Hills is the setting for this new suspenseful tale from Tracey Bateman. Lauryn McBride is not only working to settle the estate of Marcus Chisholm, but she is also taking care of her father. Her father has Alzheimer's, which makes Lauryn's work at the auction house that much harder. Amede Dastillion comes to town because she receives a letter from Lauren about some family heirlooms. Could this be the clue she needs to find her sister?

People and animals begin dying, but not of natural causes. It seems that there is ritualistic killing going on, just as there had been in the past. What does this have to do with Amede's arrival in Abbey Hills? How is Lauryn involved, if at all. It seems that evil has returned threatening everyone in the small town. Are vampires really there?  Will Billy, a missionary, be able to help? Tracey Bateman takes us into a world where vampires exist and good sets out to conquer them.
Interesting book! It held my interest and kept me glued to my seat at times. "Tandem" follows "Thirsty," the first book of this genre for Ms. Bateman. She proves that readers never tire of the classic struggle of good versus evil. Fiction readers of all types will enjoy this and Ms. Bateman's other work. I received my free review copy from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

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