Friday, April 6, 2012

"The Secret Life of a Fool" by Andrew Palau

Life can be hard when you grow up in the home of a world-famous evangelist. The expectations are high, and sometimes children will rebel. This is the story of Andrew Palau's journey from rebellion to a wonderful relationship with God. 

Rebellion comes in many forms, some worse than others. Andrew's bad choices didn't start out big, but gradually he became involved  in situations that weren't safe. While his parents never stopped praying for him, Andrew knew he was hurting them. But running to Europe, running out of money, trying to make his own way through the world filled with drugs and alcohol, and ignoring the whispers of God only made Andrew more discontent. Then he met Wendy and finally wanted to make some changes. Did they happen overnight? No, but today Andrew has a ministry and a happiness that can't be compared to anything the world has to offer. Are you the parent of a rebellious child? Are you that rebellious child? This book should offer you some hope that love and prayer can get you through to the other side.

I enjoyed this book because it was honest and real. So many times people give up on young people, when we should be praying for them. Do all of these kids return to Christ? No, sadly some stories don't have happy endings, but this story will bring you the power of prayer and love, and the reality that God continues to wait for us. This book is not only for individual readers, but book groups can find a lot to discuss within its pages.

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