Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Swipe" by Evan Angler

The Mark, The Pledge, The Dust - three parts of this new post-apocalyptic novel by Evan Angler. Thirteen is the new age of "adulthood" in the world destroyed by war, famine, and fear. This is the age when children are marked as citizens of the global union and pledge their allegiance. Now they will be able to get a job and buy things without needing a parent around. So, with the benefits, why is Logan nervous? His nervousness comes from the fact that his sister, Lily, "disappeared" after going to the marking station. His family changed and now Logan is approaching his 13th birthday.

Not only is Logan nervous getting the Mark, but he has been feeling like he is being watched and followed. He doesn't even feel safe at home. Is he truly being followed, and if so, why? The new school year is also beginning, and a new girl has joined his class. Erin's family is in turmoil and she wants to fix it. But will her "fixing" lead to problems for Logan? Then, there is Peck, the leader of "The Dust." Why is he being hunted? Who is the spy at school? Will Logan discover the truth before it's too late? The action, intrigue, and interesting technology will keep readers glued to the page.

This book totally held my attention from beginning to end. I wanted to know what was going to happen to each of the characters. The author made me feel for them, especially the Unmarked. This book is aimed at ages 8 and up, and will encourage some interesting conversations between peers and at home. I highly recommend it.

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