Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Taft 2012" by Jason Heller

It's 2012 and former President Taft wakes up within the White House gates, ambles over to a press conference and is shot. Positive identification means that there is a big shake up in Washington and there are lots of questions to answer. But, what about President Taft? What happened to him almost one hundred years ago? How will he cope with living in a totally different world? Jason Heller paints a wonderful picture of what it might be like if Taft showed up today. He presents real situations that fit into today's world, and brings President Taft to life with his words. You will discover things like; what happens when Taft finds real family; and  what it be like to be his bodyguard, especially when he wants to take a road trip. You will also discover who the "Tafties" are.  Come on, pick up a copy of "Taft 2012." You won't regret the moments of fun, joy, and sadness; and you might even enjoy the politics.

I really enjoyed this book, perhaps more so because I was able to discuss the book with the author in "The Next Best Book Club" here on Goodreads. The characters seemed very real to me, and I wish I could meet the Taft of this book. There was plenty to keep my attention as I watched the former President and those he contacted on a daily basis go through pretty normal reactions. I found it to be a quick, interesting read. Thank you to Jason Heller for joining our group to discuss his book, and to Lori (Super Mod.) and the others who joined the discussion. It was a pleasure!

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