Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Every Body Matters" by Gary Thomas

We all know that exercise and moderation in eating will help us get into the physical shape we need. But is that all we need to be fit? In his new book, Gary Thomas takes a look inside the spiritual side of our lives as it relates to fitness and service. God provides what we need, but when things get out of balance, our health can suffer. Getting relationships, and all the pieces of our lives in their correct places is an important step in getting healthy. But that health includes physical, mental, and spiritual components. Mr. Thomas uses Scripture and personal stories to show how our attitude toward our bodies affects the way we serve God. Do you want to be more effective in service? Do you want to influence others in a more positive way? You may just find the answers you need inside the pages of this book.

I have enjoyed this book because it provides practical, Scriptural advice to meeting the dilemma of getting and staying fit. We can't just concentrate on one thing, but need to put it all together to have the strength to continue on. This book will make a great addition to church libraries, as well as homes as well. I think it would also make a great discussion/direction book for groups trying to lose weight and keep it off. I received my free review copy from Zondervan, and thank them for it.

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