Monday, September 5, 2011

"Screams and Whispers" by Randall Peffer

Michael Decastro is a public defender who also enjoys commercial fishing. That is, until he takes a trip to Saigon with his father to help an old friend. What he doesn't realize at first, is that Tuki has a gem in her possession that is being sought after. The antique ruby holds many secrets and the dragon lady who wants it will stop at nothing to get it. As Michael and Tuki reunite, memories awaken. Will Michael and his father be able to help Tuki? What will happen to the relationship between Michael and Tuki? Who is the mysterious dragon lady, and why does she want the ruby? The answers to these, and many other, questions await in this suspenseful novel by Randall Peffer.

What a ride! This book keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait for the other shoe to drop. The characters are realistic and their story lines easy to follow. Mr. Pfeffer does a great job of keeping the mystery alive while drawing the reader into the characters' lives. This is a great read for anyone who enjoys mysteries and other suspenseful novels. Thank you to FSB Media for the free copy I read!

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