Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Forsaking All Others" by Allison Pittman

Camila Fox has made some difficult choices in her life, but leaving her daughters in a Mormon community was the hardest. When a snow storm threatens to take her life, Camila finds help and hope in Charles Brandon, and Army Colonel. As she regains her strength, Camila learns some truths about herself and her family. She must go back to her daughters and help them even though the life isn't what she had expected. She must make amends with her parents before another loss enters her life. Can Camila learn to trust God again? Can she live her true faith and show others the way? Reading this book will have you running the range of emotions as Camila makes choice after choice. It is a gripping story of love and faith.

This book had me interested from the beginning. I can't imagine living the life of a sister-wife and understood Camila's feelings as she dealt with the situation. The story is fiction but the types of choices made by the characters mirror those we make today. Will our faith in God stand the test of time and situation? Will our love have us "Forsaking All Others?" Not only will individual readers enjoy this book, but book clubs will have lively discussions about the topics that arise. Tyndale House Publishers provided me a complimentary copy of this book and I thank them very much.

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