Friday, September 9, 2011

"The Realms Thereunder" by Ross Lawhead

The British Isles is the setting for this beginning book of Ross Lawhead's new "Ancient Earth Trilogy." Freya and Daniel haven't had much contact with each other for the last few years, but circumstances have conspired to bring them together to fight evil once again. While Freya doesn't really want to get involved again, Daniel has been fighting all along. As they awaken two sleeping knights, Freya finds she can't say no and they all travel to Nidergeard. There is much for them to learn. At the same time, evil, unearthly creatures are showing up all over the place seemingly stalking Daniel and Freya. Why? What is the importance of these two young people? With the help of the knights and a policeman named Alex Simpson, Freya and Daniel work to free the world of the menace. Will they be able to save the world from this evil enemy?

I really enjoyed this book and found that the story line and character development were very good. It is very involved in spots, but that makes the story more alive. The mythology helped fill out the story. The heroes and villains are very believable and I found myself wanting to yell warnings to the characters sometimes. I received my free copy from the Book Sneeze program and thank them so much. I can't wait for the next book!

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  1. Nice review. I would encourage anyone who loves fantasy to read this book. Ross will be one of our new best fantasy authors. Keep your eye on him: