Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Kiss Me Quick Before I Shoot" by Guy Magar

"Kiss me quick before I shoot," words uttered whenever Jacqui would come on a set to visit her husband Guy Magar. Guy is a filmmaker and this book tells the story of his life and the amazing projects he has worked on and the people who have crossed his life. As an immigrant from Egypt, Guy shows that hard work and determination can make dreams come true. He takes the reader on a journey from his flight from Egypt through his study to become a filmmaker and past the battle with Jacqui's leukemia, one of the toughest battles anyone can face. The story is written, and told, with love, humor, and strength. 

This interesting memoir kept me interested from beginning to end. I found the determination in any situation that Guy and his wife, Jacqui, exhibit to be inspiring. This book is for anyone who loves movies and wants to know more about what goes on behind the scenes; for those who love memoirs; and for those who love to read about people who have made it. I want to thank Megan Renart and PR by the Book-Austin for my copy of the book.

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