Friday, July 8, 2011

"County Line" by Bill Cameron

Ruby is missing. Skin finds no explanation for that, but does find a dead body in her apartment. As he sets out to find her, Skin gets help from Pete, who also has a history with Ruby. They have no idea what they will find as they begin to travel around the country, finding pieces of Ruby's life. Little do they know that someone wants to stop them from completing their quest, bringing danger and more intrigue into an already tense situation. Why did Ruby leave? What is she hiding and who will protect her? Will Skin and Pete be able to work together to find answers and stop the stalker?

This book has many moments of tension and suspense. The characters are well rounded and the story well written. Ruby's story and character will especially pull you in and keep you riveted. If you like crime fiction, you will enjoy this book. Come on and solve the mystery with Skin!

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