Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Indelible" by Kristin Heitzmann

A mountain lion grabs the baby of a hiker, and Trevor MacDaniel rushes to save him.  From this action packed beginning, Kristin Heitzmann keeps her readers glued to the page. Natalie Reeve has come to Redford to open an art gallery. She meets Trevor through the attack on her nephew, Cody, which sets an interesting relationship in motion. Natalie is haunted by her eidactic memory, one that makes her work out what she sees in clay, while Trevor is trying to bury a tragedy from his past. How can they get past these challenges and develop a friendship? Because of the attack, there is a rift between Natalie and her family. Will they reunite?
As Trevor and Natalie navigate their way to a friendship, an evil presence enters town and Trevor begins receiving pictures of children in trouble. Who/what is this evil person after? What is going on with the children in the pictures? Ms. Heitzmann uses quotes from "Paradise Lost" to introduce moments with this evil one, and the suspense those quotations help create will keep you on the edge of your seat!
I really enjoyed this book for multiple reasons. It is well written with realistic characters, there is action and suspense, and I was able to reconnect with characters I enjoyed in "Indivisible" (i.e. Chief Jonah Westfall, Tia Manning Westfall, and Sarge). This book is for all suspense/mystery lovers! I received the copy I read on my Nook from the Blogging for Books program, and thank them for it.

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