Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Breath of Angel" by Karyn Henley

A young chantress, an angel, a harp, and an ugly feud - elements that will hook you from the beginning of this book. Melaia simply wants to serve, to one day take her place in the temple. But, her plans are changed when a man is killed in the courtyard and she is summoned to the Overlord. As her life changes, Melaia finds herself in the midst of a troubling feud. The fact that the feud isn't between mortals disturbs her. How can she survive? What is the meaning of Benasin's harp? What is the story of the hawk? What about the angels, shape-shifters, and "myths"?

This book was difficult to put down because the story propelled me from one place to another. The characters were interesting and the story well written. While it appears to be young adult literature, I assure you that adults will enjoy it as well. The fantasy elements fit into the opportunity to step away from everyday realism and experience a little "otherworldness." I heartily recommend this book! Thank you to the Blogging for Books program who sent me this book for a review. The words and thoughts are mine.

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