Friday, July 6, 2012

"Tidewater Inn" by Colleen Coble

A woman is kidnapped while her friend watches long distance. A mother was presumed dead from a boating accident. As a father dies, he tries to fix the problems caused by a grievous mistake made years previously. There is a mysterious cave and its contents cause chaos. Two people find themselves drawn to each other, but trust is an issue. These are just a few of the exciting scenarios found in this latest book by Coleen Coble.

Libby and her partner, Nicole, restore old buildings. While scouting the area of Hope Beach, Nicole finds information that will change Libby's life. Her father hadn't really died when Libby was five. That had been her mother's lie. But, now he was dead and had left her a sizable inheritance, as well as siblings. Nicole sets up a beach camera to capture Vanessa's picture so Libby can see that she is real, when two men kidnap her before Libby's eyes. Now Libby races to Hope Beach to help find her friend. Who would want to kidnap Nicole? Was Libby involved? How will Libby's new siblings, Vanessa and Brent, take the news that Libby is their sister and has inherited the land on the island? Will they find Nicole in time? Alec is a local Coast Guard member and fisherman who volunteers to help Libby. What will their attraction spark? Come join the residents and guests at the Tidewater Inn to find out how all of these questions are answered.

I love to read anything by Colleen Coble. Her stories always draw me in and become real. This book was no exception. I loved the characters and setting, and really enjoyed trying out my detective skills. I recommend this book to all readers whether you read at home, on the beach, or somewhere else. You will not be disappointed by the story. I received my free review copy from the Book Sneeze program for an honest review. 


  1. I am a big fan of her books too. Thanks for your review and have a great week! :O)