Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"The Painted Bridge" by Wendy Wallace

Locked away in an asylum? For what? This is the question Anna has to ponder when her husband surreptitiously drops her off at an asylum. "Lake House" was set up to care for women of means who seemed too delicate for the outside world. But Anna? No, she didn't belong there and knew she had to find a way to prove it. The how was the problem, however, as no one was really honest with her nor did they want to believe her. Her husband, Vincent, was determined to leave her there and her doctor agreed.

But, there were periodic rays of hope around Anna. One doctor was convinced that he could capture the truth about a person's mind with a picture. Could her photograph prove that she was sane? She had also met others who, like herself, wanted to be free. But would they be able to cross the bridge to that freedom? Come along and read Anna's story and find out just how thin the line is between sanity and madness. Take a trip in time to London in the winter of 1859.

What a wonderful debut novel! It is hard to put down and very well written. There is suspense, mystery, and the absolute feeling that you want to help Anna and the others. Wendy Wallace has a very bright future, and I can't wait to read more.

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