Friday, July 13, 2012

"God is More Than Enough" by Tony Evans

Psalm 23 is one of the most beautiful and promise filled passages of the Bible. In his new book, "God is More Than Enough," Pastor Tony Evans breaks down the Psalm to provide his readers with examples of peace, hope, support, and love that are so needed in daily life. He first asks us, "Who is Your Shepherd?" then continues on showing how God is enough for things like spiritual, directional, emotional, physical, and eternal needs.

Do you ever feel discouraged, tired, or totally drained by daily events? God is more than enough to help you! Through Scripture and teaching, readers are shown just how sufficient God is. As he goes through the points, Pastor Evans also more emphasis to his points by asking specific questions like, "Do you think of yourself as a sheep?" and "Who Sets Your Table?" This helps the reader focus. Daily struggles can cause us to take our eyes off of our Shepherd, but with the reminders in this book, we can refocus our hearts and minds on Him. 

I enjoyed this book and will read it again, a little more slowly. There are so many wonderful reminders in these pages, but best of all, Pastor Evans uses Scripture. I love being able to go to my Bible for the answers to my questions and problems, and this book provides some of the verses to keep handy. I recommend this book to anyone who questions if God is enough. It will make a great starting place for Bible study in families and groups. I received my free review copy from Multnomah books for an honest review.


  1. I am enjoying this post.Through Scripture and teaching, readers are shown just how sufficient God is.