Sunday, July 29, 2012

"The Stars Shine Bright" by Sibella Giorello

Raleigh Harmon is a Special Agent for the FBI, at least she is for now. After "bending the rules" to solve a case, Raleigh is in hot water with their internal affairs department (they want her fired) and under scrutiny with everyone else. Some don't believe she can be trusted to keep cases clean. There are, however, some who still believe in her. Will their support and Raleigh's ability to function well under pressure be enough to save her career?

Raleigh has one last chance to save her job with the FBI, and it requires going undercover. She is assigned to go undercover at a racetrack (Emerald Downs) and has only two weeks to discover if there is a crime being committed, and if so, who the guilty parties are. Two weeks doesn't seem to be enough time, and she doesn't want to take this case, but Raleigh knows this is her life on the line. The accusation is that horses are being set up to win, then drugged so that they will lose. Is this true? Why then are some horses dying? Raleigh's undercover assignment also leaves her only one link to the outside world - Special Agent Jack Stephanson. She is drawn to him, but is an engaged woman. What will happen in her relationship with Jack? Can Raleigh save her career, her family, and her sanity? The answers to all of these questions and many more await you in this latest book by Sibella Giorello.

I love this series by Sibella Giorello, and am thrilled to have read this fifth book. Raleigh and Jack are well thought out characters who are fun to follow through the books, and the supporting characters are also well written. Ms. Giorello takes great care to pull the reader into the lives of her characters and into the plot of the story. I found it very hard to put down. Her books are great for mystery and detective fans everywhere, but I also encourage others to pick up the series and enjoy it with us! 

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