Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"How to Travel the World for Free" by Michael Wigge

Can this possibly be true? Can you really travel the world without any money? Michael Wigge set out to prove it can be done, and 25,000 miles later (Berlin to Antarctica) he finished. Throughout his journeys, he write with humor and wit. There are serious situations that arise, like how to get from here to there, but Michael remains resourceful throughout his trip. He gives lots of tips on how to procure things like food, transportation, and a place to sleep as he chronicles his travels. The people he meets and the places he visits are alive and vivid in these pages. It is enough to make anyone want to take the trip of a lifetime! (That is, if you have the time.)

What a fun book! I wish I had the time and lack of fear necessary to undertake a journey like this. We would all discover what is really important to us! I recommend this book to travelers everywhere, and to those of you who are like me, it is a great read for the imagination. I received my free copy from PR by the Book, and thank them!

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