Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Beloved Enemy" by Al Lacy

The Civil War was a horrible time in our nation, and Al Lacy takes a fresh look at its impact in his new book, "Beloved Enemy." Abraham Lincoln has just been sworn in as President, tensions have continued to mount, when finally they overflow and the first shots are fired at Fort Sumter. Now it is time for Americans to choose sides.

Jenny's father is a well-respected war strategist from Virginia. When he is tapped to help President Lincoln with the problems of possible war, he affirms that he will stand with the President should war break out. Will that affirmation stand when the war begins? Buck is a soldier in the Union Army, who meets and falls in love with Jenny. When Jenny is captured as a war spy, that love is severely tested. Will Jenny and Buck find a way to make their love work from opposite sides of the war? What will be Jenny's punishment? How will her father's choice affect her life?

This story captured me from the beginning. I love the style Mr. Lacy uses to tell his story and introduce his characters. The plot and characters were life-like, the poignancy of the story was palpable. It was fun to be "introduced" to President Lincoln's sons, even in this fictionalized account. I highly recommend this book to history lovers everywhere, and can't wait to pick up more books by Mr. Lacy. I received my free review copy from the Blogging For Books program for an honest review.

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