Monday, May 14, 2012

"As One Devil to Another" by Richard Platt

Demon, devil, tempter - these are all words we use for those fiends from Hell. But, what might they call each other, or say to each other if they could converse? In his new book, Richard Platt explores that topic by giving us letters and notes from one demon to another. The conversations are that of mentoring between Slashreep and his "nephew" Scardagger. As a newly graduated cadet from Temptation University, Scardagger falls under the supervision of Slashreep, and the letters in the book contain the thoughts Slashreep feels are important enough to understand.

Slashreep enjoys his life of destruction and service to Satan. He hates the Adversary and will do anything to destroy one soul's chance of Heaven. So, every time he is given a novice to train, his head gets more full of himself and his "knowledge." He really does fancy himself above proving himself, and no one can get one over on him. But how much does Scardagger pay attention to Slashreep's advice? How does a newly "graduated" demon distinguish himself? How can people turn from a loving God, one so wonderfully described in these pages, to a life controlled by the devil? Slashreep will divulge many of the secrets not meant for human eyes and ears.

There are many parts of the book worthy of quoting here, but one of my favorite passages is from page 132.  "The Adversary does not offer empirical evidence for His existence. To show His hand in the eternal present would be to destroy the humans' Free Will."...."They could no more face Him in His true form and withhold their adoration than they could face a hurricane and choose not to be swept away." Being swept away in His presence, wow!

This book was an interesting, quick read for me, and it is wonderful to know the Adversary (God) described here. I followed the correspondence with eagerness, wondering what would happen next. Was Scardagger truly the fumbler that Slashreep thought? What would be the final message between them? I have already recommended this book to others and think it would make a wonderful discussion book for a book club. There is a lot of spiritual meat in here. I received my free review copy from Tyndale House, and am pleased to be part of the blog tour for this book.

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