Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Nocturne" by Syrie James

The blizzard that has caused Nicole's car to run off a mountain road, strands her in the cold with no help in sight. But someone saw the crash, and soon Nicole finds a way to be warm and comfortable with the help of a stranger. Michael has a mystery that surrounds him but Nicole ignores it and their relationship progresses into one of love. As the blizzard rages outside, emotions rage inside. There is something each of them hides from the other, something that keeps feelings in check. Will their secrets tear them apart or bring them together? Which secret is worse, or are both equal? Will Michael and Nicole find happiness or simply part ways?

This book was an interesting read, some of it was predictable, but much was not. The characters and story pulled me in, and the emotional ending brought a few tears. This book is a great beach read, or something to read when you are stuck indoors. I received my review copy from FSB Media, and thank them for the opportunity!

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