Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Bound for Glory" by Timothy R. Botts with Patricia Raybon

"Bound for Glory" is a wonderfully illustrated book of African American spirituals that will have you tapping your toes to the musical memories. Timothy Botts pulls you into the lyrics with his calligraphy, breathing new life into the music. Patricia Raybon then adds more to the song with her interpretive words. As you go through each section, it isn't only the song that captures the imagination, but the meaning behind it. Whether by the drawing or the words, readers everywhere will be impressed with the power of the message these spirituals offer. There are four sections enabling the reader to enjoy the flow of the words and the calligraphy. Some of my favorites are "Them Dry Bones," "Wade in the Water," "I Shall not be Moved," "The Gospel Trains' a-Comin," and "Oh Happy Day." What will yours be?

I have really been enjoying this book. Whether enjoying one of these spirituals the first time through or successive visits, I have felt drawn into the pictures. Then, reading the words has made everything so alive. It is a book I will enjoy sharing with others and think it is a great book to have in your home, on a coffee table perhaps. It will help create many wonderful conversations. I found a lot of wonderful memories in the songs and found myself singing along, which made me stop and really pay attention to the details. This book will also make a wonderful addition to a Sunday School class or Bible study group. I recommend it to everyone. I received my review copy from Tyndale Books and thank them so much for the opportunity!

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