Monday, November 21, 2011

"Hot Water" by Erin Brockovich

Accidents at a nuclear facility cause great concern in those living around it, and Owen Grandel needs to get some good publicity out about the work that the facility can do. He hires AJ Palladion and Elizabeth Hardy to help him. The money will certainly help AJ with her son David's medical bills, but she has to override her mistrust of Owen to take on the job. While AJ is in South Carolina, Elizabeth stays in West Virginia to watch over things there. What will happen when David's grandfather tries to get full custody while AJ is away? Will the weather cause any problems with the nuclear facility? Will the maniac be stopped in time? These and so many other questions are answered in this fast-paced, electric page-turner by Erin Brockovich!
Wow! This is not only an interesting book to read, but also one that is appropriate for today. The characters are life-like and the story is well-written. This book is great for many types of readers, but groups will especially enjoy discussing topics like: cerebal palsy, nuclear power, death, and child custody. It will certainly make you think as you follow AJ through the problems. I received my free review copy from FSB Associates, and thank them very much!

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