Friday, October 14, 2011

"Waiting for Dawn" a prequel by Susan May Warren

"Waiting for Dawn" is the prequel to the Team Hope series by Susan May Warren. In this novella, the reader is introduced to the main characters and shown how their pasts connect. Jim Micah - a Green Beret stationed in Turkey. Lt. John Montgomery - his best friend also stationed in Turkey. Then there is Lacey Galloway, the girl who holds both of their hearts. When one of them goes missing, Lacey travels overseas to find a way to rescue him. One of these men really loves her, the other - well, you'll have to read the series for that.

I totally enjoyed this novella, although I must say I wasn't happy with the ending. But that is the purpose, right? Ms. Warren weaves these three together with action, suspense, love, faith, and more, totally drawing the reader in. I loved how Scripture and prayer were woven throughout the story. I received this review copy through Tyndale House and Net Galley, and thank them very much.

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