Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Prayers of the Bible" by Susan Hunt

Have you ever felt stuck when trying to pray? Have you ever wondered how to pray? In this new book, Susan Hunt helps her readers get closer to God in their prayers. Many times we are just too busy to add Scripture to our prayers, but there is so much we can use; so much richness to add as we approach the throne of God. Many times women don't feel equipped to really "grab the horns of the altar." But, we shouldn't feel that way. God delights in our prayer, and this book can help get you excited about taking prayer to the next level. Come study along with Susan and reclaim the joy of talking to our heavenly Father.

This book was a great delight to read and is one I will give as gifts. It is perfect for either personal or group Bible study. I find that if my prayer life is going well, the rest of the "stuff" takes care of itself. This book offered me more ideas and I can't wait to get into a discussion group around what is inside. I received the free copy I read on my Nook through Net Galley and thank them for the opportunity!

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